Questions and Customizations

All MariUp dolls can be customized. It usually takes 5-8 business days to produce a custom doll, except for a few exceptions or times such as Christmas and Easter.

With each customization always having an expected date of delivery, so you can guarantee your order on the date you want.




Common questions:

  1. How can I buy MariUp’s?

All MariUp dolls from the site that are available are for immediate delivery.

  1. What can I customize?

You can customize only clothes, fabrics, hair and eye color, accessories, 1 word in each accessory (example: Name, Love you, Hello, among others).

  1. How do I request my customization?

In all existing dolls on the site, you have a field for Notes, type what you want to customize.

  1. What if I want to customize a totally different MariUp than what you have on the site?

For root customizations, please send me your proposal by e-mail dolls@mariup.pt

  1. How much does my customization cost?

The basic customizations (color of hair and eyes, clothing, name plates, hearts, among others) already existent in the site does not have any additional cost, if you want more than a customization, then you will be charged a further €3/each.

The In customizations are more time-consuming customizations such as sunglasses, guitars, among others, plus a further 3 € / each to the value of the doll.

  1. Can I see my order before shipping?

I always send photos as I’m creating your MAriUp for your approval!

  1. How do I pay?

Payment can be made by bank transfer. If possible, send me the proof of payment.

  1. How is the shipment done?

Shipping to mainland Portugal and islands is done via CTT by regular mail, normally it takes 2-3 business days to arrive at the destination. For European Union countries I send in registered mail, 8-15 working days.

I am responsible for any damages or losses that may occur in this shipment.

  1. I want to sell MariUp’s in my store, how do I do it?

We have exclusive prices for resale, please contact me by email dolls@mariup.pt to reach a collection agreement or even to create a MariUp doll exclusive to your store.

For any other question, question or opinion please contact me by email or phone (contactos)

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