About Me


Welcome to MariUp World!

MariUp its a Portuguese brand of handmade dolls for children and adults from 3 to 100 years old!

Behind MariUs wonders, there is a person who is passionate about creating and surpassing herself every day!

My name is Sofia and I am the soul and heart of this project. I live in the center of this wonderful country, I am married and mother of two. With lots of love and imagination, I transform fabrics, objects and appliques into fantastic dolls that, with a bit of personalization can transform into you and tell the story of each one of you.

The MariUp brand has almost two years and began as an illustration project in partnership with a friend.
From inside a paper mail box, MariUp came to life and began to gain even more forms. It was at the beginning of 2018 that, with a magic touch, it became what it is today: a cloth doll made with a lot of love and the image of whoever wants it.

Since then, magic happens every day, and new MariUp`s are made every day.
Part of this magic comes with you, that little by little, help make this dream come true.
The goal of MariUp is to surprise and melt all the hearts of the planet, creating in each order a special doll for life.

With love
Sofia C. Branco